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Welcome to the PlusSAI anonymous forum

PlusSAI anonymous forum is mainly intended for English speaking and Japanese speaking users.  Any other native tongues are welcomed, but in their own respective boards.
This forum was created in 2014, and it has been through many changes ever since.  The one thing that will NOT change is the design of this website.  I am not quite fond of the websites with "simple" designs.  However, being in an era where mostly everyone has a smartphone, I may consider a "simple" mobile website in the near future.

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To the users of this website:

Please be wary of any suspicious looking posts and consider reporting them through email.  Albeit being anonymous, everyone here has feelings.  Please don't exploit anonymity to cause harm to other people on this site.  

Previously, advertising on the forums had been a big problem.  Therefore, staff has decided that advertisements of any kind belong to the advertisements board, and no where else.  If posted anywhere else, it may result in an IP-ban.
We, the PlusSAI staff, hold no responsibility over the actions you may take during your session on this website.  The distribution of illegal or copied material without permission is prohibited.  

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